Histocracy--Government for the Modern Age.
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This website is dedicated to histocracy, a system of government that works better than democracy.

Histocracy is a new form of government that was impossible in the golden age of Athens and the revolutionary era of America. It takes the wisdom of democracy to the next level.

All systems recognize that we need leaders. This is not just an instinctive desire for a figurehead. We need planners and deciders. Fully 10% of the worlds population might know how to organize a farm. But if we put everything to a direct vote, that island of expertise would be flooded over with good-natured ignorance. We need to take people from among those 10% and pay them to organize farms--pay them to, in that area, tell us what to do.

Democratic Republics recognize that leaders are dangerous. Even if someone is only managing a 2-acre farm, they can still divert resources to themselves and their family. They can take bribes to favor one crop over another. They need to be responsible to the people they rule. In a Democratic Republic, every citizen has an equal voice in choosing who will gain power, and how much.

Histocracy recognizes that people are rarely competent to choose their leaders. Voters choose charismatic people who may not be competent. Voters choose competent people who are crooks. Voters fail to recognize when a leader is behaving selfishly in time to throw him out of power.

In a Histocratic Republic, we judge leaders competence and altruism by the only standard that matters--their results.

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