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Histocracy--Government for the Modern Age.
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A few bits of jargon

Histocracy--Coined from the Greek words histein, weight, and kratos, power. A system wherein the votes of each citizen are weighted in power based on their past voting and their certainty about the correct decision.

Histocratic Republic--Coined to imply continuity with the Democratic Republic. A nation or organization where some decisions are made using the histocracy system.

M-Committee--Stands for mimnŕsk˘, Greek for memory. The random 10% that casts unweighted votes on a referendums efficacy two years after it is passed or defeated by the S-Committee.

S-Committee--Stands for sumprogign˘sk˘, Greek for predictive consensus. The random 90% that casts weighted votes on whether to pass a referendum.

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I'm interested in critique of these terms. I thought I'd use Greek words for the same reason Washington, D.C. uses Greek architecture. If there's a better choice out there, send it to

A note on apostrophes: Tripod sometimes edits them out. I apologize for the grating feeling this will cause, as I apologize for the ads. At some point I hope to move out.